Bonjour et bienvenue! “How do I get myself, my work and my name out there?”

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Hello, and welcome to my very new and sparse blog!

I thought I would jump straight in and discuss my first nail topic chosen by you!

I receive a multitude of the same questions on social media every day by nail technicians of all skill levels, from all over the world and here is one of the main ones I get asked.

“How do I get myself, my work and my name out there?”

This is a big one! Let me break it down…
Comparable with this blog, there is no time scale or definitive time goal for success, nor a guarantee. I use to admire the poop out of those nail technicians who seemed to have the full package… you know the ones, those fully bloomed social butterflies, who everyone seems to admire and acknowledge, with social media likes and followers coming out of their ears, with a constant flow of creative nail designs and Pinterest looking photos.

So, as envious as we sometimes are, we all still want to know how it’s done, so here is a ‘check-list’ of some sort…

  • Priority – Remember, first and foremost, that your work (nails) is your priority. I say this because sometimes fame in the nail world can make you forget what is important. Success is nice, and yes, it pays the bills, but your standard of work is more important than any follower count.
  • Self-promote – Use social media to your advantage!! I can not stress this enough. Make sure you utilise Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms to promote your work. Try getting involved. There are many groups on Facebook that you can join and interact with. This was how I started to get my name recognised, and the best thing about this, is if you’re shy, social media can be a great place to help build confidence and encourage you to come out of your shell!
  • Get to know – Get to know the industry! Get to know who is who. Who are the big doggos? Who is big on YouTube? Who has the most followers on Instagram? Who are peoples inspirations? What brands are people loving? Where are the big groups on Facebook? Who has been featured in Scratch Magazine? What trends are the clients loving? ——> Could you answer these? If not, don’t stress. It’s not the be all and end all, but it certainly helps to know the industry and what’s going on.
  • Support System – I can’t believe I’m saying this! I was a total loner at school, a loner by choice at college, and not even cool enough to call myself a mere misfit during University… but paint me green and call me a pickle!!! I have FRIENDS! Not only friends, but a family. My nail family mean the world to me and sure it’s fun! But there’s another side to this. These people will stand by you through thick and thin… they keep you inspired, praise you when you’re feeling proud, and most importantly… tell you to stop paddying and get you back on the ball.– side note – I think we all know that friends are harder to come by, especially genuine ones. I got mine from Argos for Β£3.9… no but seriously, being active on social media, getting involved, messaging someone when they say they are upset, being NICE! Let the world see you and know who you are. Not everyone will love you but the majority will and guess what? It feels amazing and it’s the perfect reward for letting yourself out of your comfort zone!
  • Be Yourself – Β Ok, this one is going to be blunt. Don’t be annoying! Don’t brown nose people because of their status in the industry, don’t gossip, don’t cause trouble. Be yourself, put your work out there, don’t post every two seconds on every platform that’s available, and just go with the flow! Sometimes it’s hard to find the genuine people amongst a crowd, and unfortunately that’s just life, not just our particular industry. Hold you head up high, be confidant whilst not arrogant, and be willing to help and get involved πŸ™‚
  • Be different – What turns your head in the industry? I can guarantee that if you are following the crowd, being 10 steps behind, and let’s be frank, copying other tech’s work, then you are not going to stand out. Think of it this way, would you follow you? Would you be inspired by you and your work? If not, then push yourself! Telling you to ‘be different’ is easier said than done… but honestly, be known for something and keep it fresh and updated. Try new techniques, use the colours you’re afraid of, take clean, bright and focused photos and upload regularly. People will soon start to see you and before you know it… Bob’s your uncle! πŸ™‚
  • Be Patient!!! – This one is a biggie! Unfortunately, as mentioned above… there in no time scale or end date set in stone for success and recognition. Be patient, be active, be consistent and let your passion show. It can be tough sometimes, and anyone who has followed me from the beginning knows how much I have had to keep telling myself this. People can be bitchy, people can be rude, clients can be awful… but keep trooping on because sooner or later, those who matter, will start to see you.So, there’s my ‘check-list’. It’s not the bible to success so it doesn’t have to be followed 100%, but it’s worked well for me so far :DGood luck and love to you all xox

27 thoughts on “Bonjour et bienvenue! “How do I get myself, my work and my name out there?”

  1. Very interesting and informative…some very invaluable advice thank you and you keep it real, you are one very genuine person xx p.s will you be painting yourself green and calling yourself a pickle for Halloween πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is amazing, I love your work and have just recently converted to g & g and love it. I’m still learning and strive to get my nails on point. So any tips is fab, 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Very handy little blog enjoyed reading I too hate crystals as i find just takes me forever to get them to a stick I have just order the kiarasky base I pray this helps me overcome my dread of crystals do u fully cover the nail or just dot where u want the crystals ?


    1. Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed. Yes, dot by dot Hun. You’ve got to have a little bit of patience as it even works over a top coated shiny nail where normally you have to buff off with other glues and top coat around them afterwards. Let me know if you need anymore help once you receive it πŸ™‚


  4. This is a very truthful insite of how you as a nail tech and a person do your work, I appreciate your honesty and hints and tips , you give me motivation to carry on when I’ve had a crapbday, I in all honestly wish you well with your future in nails and thank you for opening up and helping me along mine, very good blog and information given,

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