Glam & Glits – What Colours I Reach For The Most

I ALWAYS get asked what my favourite Glam & Glits colours are… but I simply cannot refine the list when they are constantly chaging due to my collection growing and especially when I gravitate towards seasonal shades. So I decided that I would do a collection of what I reach for the most – all year round.

Please bear in mind that a couple of the colours may look slightly different on this photo as I had to lighten the image and it altered a couple of them *eyeroll*

As you can see… most of them are pastel, nude or pretty girly colours, with obbbbviously (insert Snape’s voice) a few glitter acrylics.

I also get a lot of questions about Glam & Glits in general so I thought I would write a few pointers/info about them

  • G&G is best when worked with a wet ratio.
  • G&G are claimed to be strength powders, however it is personal preference as to whether they need to be capped in clear acrylic. Personally, I always try to apply a thin layer of clear before I go in with my design to make re-designs easier, and most designs I cap to add my strength and apex, however, I have done a set on myself before without capping and they have been very strong and durable.
  • G&G CAN be used with any monomer.

If you also find the choice of colours as overwhelming as myself and others do, Annabel offers her top 10 favourites every month at a discounted price on her website to help narrow down decisions 🙂

Karen – Colour Acrylic Collection
Fire Fly – Glow Acrylic Collection
Strut – Naked Acrylic Collection
Pinkarat – Fantasy Acrylic Collection
Sandals – Colour Pop Acrylic Collection
Passion Candy – Diamond Acrylic Collection
Bliss – Diamond Acrylic Collection
Made In Sweet – Naked Acrylic Collection
Electrifying – Glow Acrylic Collection
Spectra – Glow Acrylic Collection
Sandcastle – Colour Pop Acrylic Collection
Chain Reaction – Mood Effect Acrylic Collection
Blue Rain – Diamond Acrylic Collection
Pink Delight – Fantasy Acrylic Collection
Basic Inspink – Mood Effect Acrylic Collection
Your Duchess – Naked Acrylic Collection
Carpe Diem – Glow Acrylic Collection
Enchantress – Naked Colour Collection
Charmaine – Colour Acrylic Collection
Nova – Diamond Acrylic Collection
Cruise Ship – Colour Pop Acrylic Collection
Drama Queen – Mood Effect Acrylic Collection
Tulip – Colour Pop Acrylic Collection
Pretty Plush – Fantasy Acrylic Collection

All Glam & Glits are from

DISCLAMER – I am a brand ambassador for Annabel and even though some products are sent to me for free, I ONLY share my honest opinions. I wouldn’t take an ambassador position lightly but I am in LOVE with 99% of what Annabel stocks and sells (We all have that one colour we don’t like haha).



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