Swarovski Crystals – Where to buy from & how to style them


Ok… I didn’t use to like I hated nail crystals!

Thennnn… I received some from Annabel’s store :O I now twist and turn my client’s arms until they make the transition too because they. are. beautiful!

I always thought that they use to look tacky and classless… but when I saw these beauties in person, I fell in love. They are such high quality and maybe that’s why I didn’t like them? Because I had only ever used cheap ones and let’s face it, although there can be some good replicas out there, they’re just not Swarovski’s are they? Don’t get me wrong, I love a good bargain but I don’t think I could buy knock-offs again.

So, one thing that I think is understated in this industry, is the ability to place and style Swarovski’s. Which fingers do I place them on? How many fingers should I put them on? How many crystals? In what shape? What variations? What colours? AB? Or no AB?

Here’s my take on it… and a few examples…

You might have noticed that there is a ‘go-to’ triangle layout that I use quite often.
It always starts with a large circular Swarovski, then I use the medium ones around that, and then use a few small alternating colours to come down into a ‘V’ shape to finish of the design. This one normally works well over a plain nail or an extended nail bed (especially when you prefer to do deep smile lines). This creates symmetry and looks sharp!

Another placement style I go for is the “I have no idea what I’m doing… I’mma just wing it”, AKA, the ‘organic’ placement. I normally use this when I’ve done an acrylic marble nail, or a glitter ‘S’ (like the top right image). This is normally to match the other hand or to place the gems on a thumb as I tend to do custom mix’n’match sets 95% of the time.

As you can see, I reach for the Opal Swarovski’s the most… not only is this because it’s my birthstone, but because it’s easy, classy, and goes with everything!!! Even more so than the classic versatile AB rose.

[Fan & Rhombus]
I’m not going to lie, those two previous ‘go-to’s’ get completely thrown out of the window

when I use large shaped Swarovski’s like those shown above. They are tricky, they are boisterous, and completely not to everyone’s taste, but look at them? *heart eyes*

Who would’ve thought that I could talk so much crap about gem Swarovskiย placement?! To be fair, I think you’ll either agree or just not know yet, how tricky it can be, and it did completely stump me when I was adamant to use them the first time because I really wanted to ‘nail it’. So, I hope this helps, and I hope I didn’t go into too much detail…

IMG_1841 copy.jpg

Last but not least!! What do I stick my crystals on with? Good question… I’m glad you asked! I use one thing and one thing only. The Kiara Sky Dip Essentials BASE.

I have tried so many glues and builder gels to make these lil’ buggers stay, some have been better than others, some have not worked at all, and this little helper, (despite having a tantrum with it in the beginning) works like a charm.

What is it? It’s a resin like STRONG glue (Nope, it doesn’t need to be cured, it air dries). You top coat your nails, cleanse the nails you want to add Swarovski’s to, and place a tiny amount one by one. Make sure to give a bit of extra time if you’re placing your larger crystals, especially for XXL shaped ones (blow it gently once placed to help speed this up) and voila… 99% of the time, between all the caught hair and beatings the poor things repeatedly take for weeks on end, they stay put!

All products… Genuine Swarovski’s, Kiara Sky products, and Glam & Glits products are from and available to purchase @ http://www.nailsbyannabel.co.uk



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