The Power Of Three

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What are we all on the hunt for? The shiniest topcoat, the most luxurious cuticle oil, and the strongest crystal glue.

These three babies are my holy grails. So much so that I wouldn’t even bother looking for any new ones that are on the market.

Sometimes it’s not always about the acrylic, the colours, the GLITTER (I did not just say that *oright Hagrid*)… but the little things that make all the difference. These are the finishes, the essentials!

I don’t really know how much you can really talk about these three items, but I still get asked at least once a day. The top coat is by far THEEEEE shiniest I have used, and the only topcoat out of the many I’ve tried that I’ve not wanted to re-apply 2 weeks later. It doesn’t run into the cuticles, it stays where you place it, it FEELS like a gel and it looks like glass… all while not being gloopy. Winnerrr!!!

The cuticle oil, or should I say “The nourishing oil” just smells divine! I’m pretty sure it smells like Johnson’s Baby Bath which is a nice change up from the smell of Marzipan that we’re all too familiar with 😛 I mean, I love marzipan… but I’d rather be eating it. I’ve never been one for food-smelling things that aren’t actually food. I should stop talking about food now. (It’s 4:40am and I’m certain I’m going to fall asleep any second and start dreaming about lasagne or watermelon… omg, watermelon.)…
…ANYWAY… pushing the sudden cravings out of the way, the Dip Essentials Base Crystal glue is the best thing I’ve used to adhere Swarovski’s (even the jumbo sized ones). I’ve already gone in to [far too much] detail about this product on my previous blog post but to sum it up, it does not need to be cured as it air dries. Just think of it as a fancy resin-like glue that bonds like crazy. I swear you could stick a brick to the nail with this stuff. No but seriously… It’s good! Also, make sure to cleanse the top coated nail with Isopropyl Alcohol prior to sticking the crystals down. (This prevents the crystals from sliding all over). One last thing… Add a dash of patience 😉 The bigger the Swarovski’s are, the longer they need to stick!

Enough babbling (she says 400 words later)… sometimes it’s about the smaller things, the little details that we pay attention to. These are mine. Try them, or don’t 🙂

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6 thoughts on “The Power Of Three

  1. Hi Beth.
    Thank you for your amazing blog. I already love it. To ask a question. What is the difference between the non wipe topcoat and the normal topcoat besides wiping off the sticky layer? I use the normal one and it tends to feel of after a while. I cure LED for 45seconds. Would love some feedback. Xxx

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