Q&A Series with Annabel Maginnis

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This series is going to feature a fellow nail technician and their answers to their most frequently asked questions.

Let’s kick it off with the incredible Annabel Maginnis. Annabel is one of those… who when you see her work, you KNOW instantly that it’s her work.
Let’s jump Straight in shall we?

  1. How long does a custom set take you?
    A custom set on average takes me roughly 2 hours. If there is additional hand painted nail art, then I would book 2.5 hours for their appointment.
  2. What is your method and thought process behind designing a custom set?The first thing I always do is chose mine or the clients chosen colour preference. I then think of the difference acrylic techniques I can do and try to incorporate all various designs across the nails whilst trying to add most elements of the colours and glitters to each nail, as opposed to having a different colour on every nail. This helps the design blend together and looks like a set.
  3. Which acrylic design would you say is the hardest to do?
    I would say that the #notpolish / acrylic cut designs can be the trickiest to do.
  4. What is your go-to design and why?
    My favourite design to do is acrylic marble. This is because you can include so many different colours into one nail. This goes in my favour especially as I struggle to pick only a couple. I find that amongst a custom set with such out-there designs on each nail, this design acts like the ‘middle man’ so to speak and ties the set together.
  5. What are your Holy Grail products?
    I couldn’t live without my Kiara Sky Dip Essential Base for my Swarovski glue, the Kiara Sky Gel Topcoat, and I would say that my all time favourite Glam & Glits colour would be Sandcastle.
  6. What’s your favourite set of nails that you’ve ever done to date?
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  7. Besides practice, what would your advice be for a newbie?
    I would advise any newbie to keep researching what’s on trend, and to literally tryeverything. Experiment; find your own style to make you stand out from the rest. If you see something you like, try it yourself but put your own twist on it so that you find your own style that you can be recognised by.
  8. What was one bit of advice that you received that made a difference?
    To keep pushing myself, and if you can’t do something… keep doing until you can.
  9. How do you keep motivated and what drives your creativity?
    I am motivated by constantly learning new and updated techniques and designs. This keeps me enthusiastic. Looking back each year at how far I’ve come only makes me want to improve even more the following year. I think what motivates me and drives my creativity in one, is my strong sense of self-criticism. This automatically encourages me to do better each and every time. My creativity is also driven by trying to think outside of the box. I am constantly trying to think of designs and combinations that others wouldn’t typically put together – and make them work!!
  10. What do you feel is your strength and weakness regarding skill?
    My weakness is definitely sculpting (I use tips) and my strength is having the ability to be versatile with my creativity.
  11. Who do you look up to in the industry?
    I would say @glamsusie. I would love to be able to create the amazing 3D artwork that she creates. I also love how she adds them to the nails.
  12. If you could have your nails done by any nail artist, who would it be and why?
    I would love to have my nails done by @Vanessa_nailz because I love her style and use of colours.
  13.  If you could do anyone’s nails in the world, who’s would it be?
    It would definitely be Alex Box’s because she is an off-the-wall make-up artist who pushed the boundaries. I feel like I would be able to let loose to try and match her level of originality. It would definitely add a unique set to my portfolio that’s for sure!
  14. What do you think makes a set of nails go from ‘ohh look’ to ‘HOLY COW’?
    I would say that length, Swarovski crystals and 3D artwork push the boundaries and if executed properly, it makes me eager to try it myself. It certainly inspires my next set of goals.

So, that concludes Annabel’s answers… but here’s a little bit from me. Annabel is actually one of my closest friends, inside and outside of this industry, and I for one can spill a few details. Annabel is constant. She NEVER stops! She rushes to her salon every day, bashes out the most beautiful and well-coordinated nails for hours, spends many more hours running her fast-growing [online]shop, going back and forth with an endless amount of customers, goes home, uploads her photos, looks for more nail inspiration, sleeps, and does it all again. That’s not a nail tech… that’s a nail artist. What’s the difference? PASSION is the difference!
Like a few other techs I have the pleasure of knowing personally, I have started to see just how little credit they give themselves and how much they criticise their own work, especially this nail queen. Not that she’ll ever take it without a fight… but she is one of my main inspirations. I don’t really need to elaborate on her nails as they do all of the talking… but it’s nice to know that with so much success and nail fame, she still remains the most down to earth person I know.

Let me know in the comments what you think of Annabel’s work and answers…

Love to you all xox



6 thoughts on “Q&A Series with Annabel Maginnis

  1. Thankyou for taking the time to do these Q&A, I’ve learnt from reading this, you can never stop learning.. I’ve added Annabel to my list of followers on instagram, and will be sure to use her for inspiration, Thankyou again 😘

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