How To ‘Autumn’ – Glam & Glits

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Ohh, It’s been a while. I’ve been SO busy! Visiting Annabel (my crazy koala🐨😂)
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and challenging myself to swatch all THREE HUNDRED and THIRTY-SEVEN flipping Glam & Glits acrylic powders was definitely a task and a half! Not only did I swatch each and every one on live video (can be seen on her Facebook support group ‘Nails By Annabel – Support Group’), but I topcoated all of them (with Annabel’s help), photographed AND edited them all too. That took a whopping 10 days overall. It was so worth it though!

So not only do they help people see what every colour ACTUALLY looks like (Glam & Glits supply their distributors with not so reliable digital swatches), I can now use them in my blog! So, very soon they will be uploaded to Annabel’s website but for now, I can use them here to show you what my recommendations are when collecting the perfect healthy sized autumn colour pallet. So, I know this blog is coming rather late as we are heading into winter *screaming “i’m sorrrrrry” like a disobedient child*, but I thought I would do it anyway, even if you pop these ideas in your back pocket for next year.

Anyway, moving on… I’ve collected a bunch of my favourite autumn colours from my ever-growing Glam & Glits collection…

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…just to show you what my pallet looks like, but I will show you what tones and colour groups I would gravitate towards if money was no object and I could ecstatically grab one of each colour form the entire collection. Trust me… when you see this, you start dreaming about the possibility…



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Feeling my pain? Yessss, I want them all too! Every. Single. One! I see a lot of people going for the average dark red, maybe with a bit of copper, or gold, (there’s nothing wrong with a traditional autumn set, hell, it was the only one I did this year besides a nude set lol)…



…but there have been so many incredible nail artists that have stepped outside of the box and created some stunning sets for this passing season! See them below!


Annabel Maginnis, Liza Winter, Katie Lockett, Kim James, Chelsie Emery, Chloe Jackson, Kimberley Davies, and Jodie Morris have all used Glam & Glits from Annabel’s website to create these Autumnal sets. Let’s hope I can kick myself up the bum next year and do as well as these girls for this underrated season, because I SLACKED this year *face palm*.

As we can see, it’s all about the burgundies, plums, coffees, metals, burnt oranges, greys, greens and nudes 😻 Plus, add a little bit of glit glit and Swarovski’s and you’re owning it. So, if it doesn’t inspire you to sneak in some last minute autumn nails, then here’s to next year ✌️

Love to you all xox




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