20915081_867219913431130_384363567240909134_nΒ Stone cold resting bitch face ^^

Hello! I’m Beth…
Anyone else hate writing about themselves? :/ Well, I’m 21, I live in Leeds and I love everything nails! I’m self-taught and waiting for my 1-day course (October 1st can’t come soon enough).

I studied Fine Art at Leeds College of Art and then Studied a degree in Photography at The University of Huddersfield. So, here’s where the creativity comes from πŸ˜‰

When I was at university, I was having my nails done at the NSS salons and before I knew it, my nails were like tissue paper *cringe*. I then decided to try it for myself. Ever since I have been researching, experimenting, practising, having breakdowns, and following that cycle over and over until I found myself in a place where I was confident with the direction that my nails were going in. For a few months, my Facebook and Instagram have been blowing up with questions about nails. I’m now at the point where I unfortunately don’t have time to answer mostly the same questions daily… so here we are… making a blog to help answer these questions. I hope it helps someone!!

What else?
I am an ambassador for Nails by Annabel and an admin on two Facebook groups
– Behind The Scenes Of A Nail Tech / Anxiety & Support
– Nails By Annabel (For Nail Techs Not Client)

Here is where I spend most of my time *Hangs head in shame*.

…and that’s about it πŸ™‚

Please leave a visible footstep (comment, like, share) on here to let me know you’ve passed by! Any suggestions will be welcomed and if you feel like there’s another question I could answer or another topic I could ramble about… just leave it in the comment box πŸ™‚

Love to you all :*



6 thoughts on “About

  1. Only just found your blog and can’t believe what I’ve been missing! Informative, light hearted and easy to follow. I’ll definitely be subscribing when I’ve worked out how lol. Thankyou for taking the time to write this Bethany xx

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  2. Hi Beth, I am a self-taught nail tech as well. I always did my own nails, but now it’s my second month of doing my clients nails. I have a few breakdowns, — nails falling off — But I’m learning tho.. I am looking forward to learn more about you Nail tech.

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