2 thoughts on “Portfolio

  1. You’re work is inspiring.
    You are inspiring.

    From the UK, all the way to South Africa. I hope to stand out in the crowed and be as confident, amazing, and as accurate with my work, as you are. The trend in SA, especially Cape Town, are gel nails. Some hand drawn, stencils, and even stamps. The ladies always say, ‘ but it takes so long’, ‘acrylic always damages my nails’… I can only tell them what I have been taught. Thus, tuning in to the one and only Bethany Stockwell – The Brain Box Blog.

    My dream is to be unique, and inspirational and on demand for Acrylic Sculptured nails.

    Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart for helping me step one foot forward at a time.


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    1. Aw what a lovely comment! I really appreciate it. Yes, it can be very hard to break the norm sometimes but once you put your work out there with your style then that will soon become the demand 🙂

      Good luck to you!



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