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✿ Location – Newark On Trent Nottinghamshire

Industry duration – I’ve been doing nails 4 years. I stopped and then started again.

Who inspires you and your work? I subscribed to Liz Guilds YouTube channel around 2 years ago and from that later learnt about CJP. I haven’t looked back since, I think it’s the same for lots of people in the nail industry. Watching Liz’s videos teamed with CJP products has just brought me on SO much. Charlotte Pilgrim is another fantastic lady who is inspiring me in lots of ways and is always there to help I simply give her a message and nothing is too much trouble. As for yourself Bethany I keep wracking my brains as to where I first came across one of your posts I remember that it was before the Behind the scenes group was even put together. But I remember that logo of yours and thinking damn those nails are unreal, you give me the confidence of knowing I don’t need years at college or countless 1-1s to be a good nail artist and that self taught doesn’t make me any less ambitious or dedicated.

What do you feel you have improved with recently in regards to skill? I feel my work has improved a great deal over the last year. Especially shaping and making the nails look more slender. Although I am still my biggest critic I am proud of how far I’ve come this past year.

What are you goals for the future? My long term goal is to teach. I don’t see it happening for years but I’d love to do it. I also think it’d be great to be a well known nail artist, let’s face it who wouldn’t? I have followed in Liz’s footsteps and started a YouTube channel this is helping with confidence issues and feels great to know that people have found my content useful. Finally, as cheesy as it may sound nothing drives me more than my son. Like most mums I want to do well in life and make him proud and provide a good life for him and that gives me all the motivation for the future, giving up isn’t a option.

A little bit about you. I have quit doing nails once before, starting back up was the best decision ever, I decided this time to do a day course to get my qualification and expand onto not only family and friends but the general public. My amazing partner built me a salon in the garden as I’d previously been set up in the utility room and I now feel I have something that is mine. My own little business, my baby!

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Four images of your work
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Before & after photos of your work

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Location – Rocka Salon in Crowborough, East Sussex

Industry Duration – I qualified in August/September 2016 and have been a full time nail tech since October 2016.

✿ Who inspires you and your work? I was extremely lucky to get myself a job working along side Gemma Strudwick, who is a Brillbird Educator (@Gemma_Brillbird_Rocka) Gemma has tought me everything I know and I couldn’t be more grateful! I have also been on a 1-2-1 training day with Jade Barber from Gemma Lamberts The Nail Team, which I found extremely useful, it helped me massively with smiles line, I went from totally hating any sort of french nail to loving doing them!

✿ What do you feel you have improved with recently in regards to skill? THEM SMILE LINES! As you can see by the first photo my smile lines were horrific, this is one of the main things I feel I have improved on. Along with the shaping and the structure but I am super proud of those smile lines!

What are you goals for the future?
At the moment I am focusing on perfecting my cuticle area and the structure of my nails, bit by bit I feel I am getting there.

A little bit about you. Hmm, well.. Im 22, i’m obsessed, actually i’m beyond obsessed with glitter. If I could spend every day of my life head to toe in glitter I seriously would. Im in love with nails, its not just a job to me its a total passion, I spend my life either doing nails or looking at nails online. Trying to write this has just made me realise that my whole life is based around glitter & nails and there isn’t much else to me other than that, other than I live of cheese and wine, I dont think I could survive with out wine.

SNAPCHAT – emmajanerudman

Four images of your work

Before & after photos of your work


Location – Based in Wolverhampton

Industry Duration – I’ve done a year course and recently finished in August 2017.

✿ Who inspires you and your work? Bethany Stockell (not just because this is her blog) but she’s my kind of girl I just love her work. I just constantly was looking at her work and just thought WOW. Just from pictures of her work I could see where I was going wrong with mine. I knew mine were too bulky, my shape wasn’t sharp and I wasn’t making my creative side fit to an actual set. (I also stalk nails by Annabel). I think Behind The Scenes Of A Nail Tech has helped. I’ve been a quiet one on there but just seeing other people in my situation made me feel more confident because it’s not just me struggling. I was also constantly watching Kirsty Meakins videos and I think that has also helped with my creative side aswell learning to do new stuff.

✿ What do you feel you have improved with recently in regards to skill? I feel like my creativity has improved. I’ve always had creative ideas but they were pretty messy because I was trying to do too much. And overall they are starting to look neater especially around the cuticles.

What are you goals for the future? To focus more on my application because when I originally file the extensions into shape they look pretty sharp. Then as soon as I apply the acrylic I lose my shape, turning quite bulky.

A little bit about you. I’m 23, I started off working as an administrator. I did enjoy it (because I just stuffed my face with chocolate all day) but I wanted to do something I enjoyed. I did a make-up course on the evenings whilst working because I wanted to do something creative, it was fun but still not right for me. Now I actually wanted to do nails at school but I was “too clever for nails” so I was made to choose other options. How dare my school tell me I’m too clever. That kind of ended up putting me off. I kept looking at nail courses but thought I really don’t want to be messing with people’s feet I know that sounds really silly but I just couldn’t bare it. I had two little boys and was made redundant from work so I finally decided to do nails, YAY! It was the best decision I ever made wish I done it sooner.


Four images of your work

IMG_2678.jpgBefore & after photos of your work



Location – Ecclesfield, Sheffield

Industry Duration – 3 years

✿ Who inspires you and your work? All the ladies involved in the behind the scenes Facebook group. Liz Guild for her fabulous videos, Bethany Stockell for her amazing blogs and advice, Shantel Booth for her amazing advice and delivering it with a lot of humour (always make me smile). Stacie Richardson and so many others. And finally Jemma porch for creating CJP, it’s the product that totally changed my nail game. So easy to use and gave me the confidence to try more advanced techniques.

✿ What do you feel you have improved with recently in regards to skill? Application. My cuticle application especially. I now get very little to no lifting when clients come back for infills.

What are you goals for the future? Acrylic design work. I want to be able to create beautiful sets using lots of different techniques. I am good at recreating photos that clients bring in but I want to be able to create unique designs. I need to get more creative.

A little bit about you. I am 33 and qualified only 3 years ago. I have always worked in the pub and retail industry but at the age of 30 I had a total melt down and quit the job I hated and decided it was time to follow my dreams. So with the help of the 2 most amazing people in my life (my mum and my partner) I trained up and started to rent a chair in my local salon. I sat for days on end sometimes with no clients. Mum paid for all my training and set up of my little business, she even paid my salon rent, my partner paid the house rent and all the bills, he made sure my son had everything he needed. It was soul destroying and I wondered all the time if I had made a mistake. I was bringing in no money but I stuck at it and now 3 years down the line I have a steady stream of clients and lots of lovely regulars.

✿ Four images of your work


Before & after photos of your work






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